If you’re in the process of buying gifts for a 13 year old boy, then here are some ideas to help you to choose something special. Something that will bring about that smile you sometimes see! Because the last thing you’re looking for is a ‘Kevin and Perry’ type response, right?

Canvas photos of him with best friends

Photobox have created this really funky wall-mountable montage of photos that is generated from one picture. There will be so many photos in your phone that are ready to upload in an instant, so it’s very easy to get creative with this one! Individual canvases from £4.95

A mixture of canvas sizes, attached to a wall, depicting a 13 year old boy with his friends.

Buying clothes online has never been easier

The Levi Jeans website is super helpful when buying clothes for teens, their size guide helps you to determine what US size you need by age, weight and height. There’s even help in the form of ‘Ask Indigo’ a messaging service with recommendations and advice. With so many styles and colours to choose from, that will probably be the trickiest part! Prices from £30

Three pairs of Levi's jeans on sale from the official website, with prices and details

Music to their ears:

If they’re getting into music in a BIG way, they’ll love some higher spec earphones than the generic ones that come with their phone. These are SkullCandy ‘Smokin’ Buds’ which are designed to fit inside the ear better, improve the sound and drown out the background noise (yes that might be you asking them to clean their room!) Welcome to the teen years! £19.99 with £4.99 delivery.

Two black earphones with Skull Candy logo in red depicting a gift for a 13 year old boy

Which 13 year old boy wouldn’t want a venus flytrap?

Beecycle share our eco ethos and they’re also based in the North West, so we like them even more! They have all sorts of innovative products to help people to grown plants, and this certainly caught our eye. This perfect teenage gift, available from Not On The High Street arrives as seeds, soil and instructions. Once fully grown, your green fingered teenager will be waiting for those pesky flies to land in the trap! Entertainment for hours! £8 with delivery £2.75.

A hessian pouch with a venus fly trap plant inside, with a note saying BUG EATING PLANT which would make a great present for a 13 year old boy

Once you have your gift sorted, it’s time to think about the special giftwrap. When it comes to thinking up a personalised message, there are lots of options. Here’s a few:






LIAM – 13 GOING ON 30!


Have a go at making some personalised giftwrap with our fun online gadget today.