If you’re buying a special gift for a 13th birthday, it’s not an easy task. Vic from Pretty Gifted is here with some inspiration…

Colourful lights handing from a white shelf with a green plant pot

Times have changed (a LOT) since I was thirteen, and so have the gifts. I’m pretty sure we were mid-recession as I hit my teenage years, so hand-me-downs were all the rage!

Now I have a God-Daughter who has turned 13, so I totally understand how hard it is to buy for this age, they love something one minute and it’s out of fashion the next.

I get it, you just want to give a special gift that you know will make their eyes light up with excitement, so I’ve found a few ideas to help you get it right… good luck!

Fairy Lights for her bedroom

No matter what the colour theme of her bedroom, you’ll be able to choose matching (or contrasting) coloured fairy light balls, to hang around her mirror or above the headboard. These are from British firm Cable and Cotton, and they arrive in a well presented box.

We featured Cable and Cotton when we did a video about How To Wrap a Present. Prices start from £29.99.

A grey jumper for a 13 year old with a unicorn illustration and the words Raised By Unicorns

A girl can never have enough clothes!

Surprise her with some new tops/skirts/trousers/shoes and you’ll be in the good books this birthday, check out what H&M have in their 8-14 years range online for inspiration.

Jumpers and cardigans start from £7.99.

Beauty products:

They’re getting into make-up and beauty products in a BIG way at this age, I’m sure my God-Daughter has more make-up that I do. In fact, when she grows up she wants to be a Beauty Blogger on You Tube, like I’m sure many 13 year olds do. I secretly encourage it, and like to buy fun things she may not have already, like these ‘Great balls of Fizz’ from Boots for her to experiment with.

Bath bombs for a 13th birthday present. Two colourful bath bombs and a presentation box

Teenage Spa Day

I’d love to take my 13 year old God-Daughter on a Spa Day, but as I researched into it, guests need to be over the age of 18. Who knew?

However a bit of deeper digging found that there are some teenager friendly spa days around, check out this one at The Runnymede on Thames, where they’re set up with manicure and pedicure stations, experience showers, 18m pool, steam room and sauna. I think this could sneak on her 14th birthday gift list!

I’d giftwrap a pretty bathrobe and tuck the spa tickets into the pocket for a big surprise!

I’ll be honest, that wasn’t as hard as I thought. Buying for a 13 year old girl may sound like a tricky task, but in reality, there’s actually a lot of gifts that fit the bill nicely.

When it comes to thinking up a special giftwrap message, there are lots of options. Here’s a few:






My personal favourite is the last one, but you can make this as personal as you wish.

Have a go at making some personalised giftwrap with our fun online gadget today.