Calendar of Gifting

Throughout the year, there are special occasions that draw couples, friends and families together to celebrate. So we’ve put together the main events into a blog post for you to learn more about the history of these events and why they are celebrated.

The first half of the year is certainly the busiest for gift giving! It’s also worth noting that here in the UK, our dates can be slightly different to other countries around the world, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

A winking eye made from recycled giftwrap

February – Valentine’s Day

Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day and the Feast of Saint Valentine, it always falls on 14th February, no matter what day of the week.

It hails from the 1700s, when lovers presented each other with Valentine’s Day Gifts such as flowers, sweet treats and cards. Such a surprise, as it’s a tradition which has continued for over 300 years.

Today, mass produced cards have taken over from handwritten cards and poems of yesteryear. Maybe that’s something we need to champion again?

Symbols of Valentine’s Day include doves, hearts, and Cupid with his bow. It is also a day that many wedding proposals take place.

A hear box of chocolates made from upcycled wrapping paper

March – Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday always falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. In 2020, Mother’s Day in the UK will be celebrated on Sunday 22nd March.

Originally, it was observed as a day when people would visit their “mother” church. Now it is an occasion to honour the mothers of children and giving them presents. This is the perfect time to give gifts wrapped in Pretty Gifted foil-printed paper, with a personalised message just for her.

The Easter Bunny image made with pretty gifted giftwrap

March/April – Easter

The date of Easter Sunday always falls between 22 March and 25 April, within about seven days after the astronomical full moon. Traditionally, Easter celebrates the death of Jesus on the cross. That’s why there are lots of references on Easter cards to chickens, rabbits, hatching eggs, lambs and crucifix symbols.

However, the ‘word’ Easter may only date back to Anglo Saxon times, when they called April ‘Eostremonath.’

Easter Eggs are traditionally given to children at Easter, along with creative Easter gifts and cards.

Socks made by Laura Hawkins, Paper Hawk, from used wrapping paper

June – Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated in the UK on the third Sunday of June. It seems to have built in popularity some time after the second world war.

In 2020, Father’s Day in the UK will be celebrated on Sunday 21st June.

The giving of gifts and cards to Father’s on this day gives a day to celebrate everything that ‘Dad’ has done over the year. For families with babies and small children mother’s will buy gifts on their behalf. For young adults, it’s the chance to say thanks for being the ‘Bank of Dad’ and for borrowing the car. As families grow, it’s also a way to thank Grandads too.

We’ve made a special blog with our top 10 giftwrap ideas for Father’s Day.

An image of an engagement ring made with giftwrap

Summer – Weddings

Although they’re not always in the summer months, weddings tend to favour the UK’s warmer months for the better temperatures (and not to mention the better light for photographers.)

More recently, brides and grooms prefer to have gifts in the form of money to spend on their honeymoon. The majority have already been living together and have settled in a home with all the items which would normally be given as a wedding gift (yes, the problem of receiving two toasters!)

At Pretty Gifted, we think it’s more personal to go the extra mile and give a token gift as well as money in the card. You can now arrive with a gift in hand and it shows that more thought has gone into making their wedding celebrations more special.

If that’s your chosen strategy too, don’t forget to pimp your wedding giftwrap with our personalised wrapping paper. Just imagine their faces when they see what you’ve done!

A black ribbon in a box, to represent the calendar of gifting. Made from used wrapping paper, by Laura Hawkins.

December – Christmas Day

We couldn’t complete a calendar of gifting without mentioning Christmas, and we don’t need to tell you it falls on 25th December every year.

The idea of giving gifts is based on the tradition when the Three Kings (aka the Three Wise Men) gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Other Christmas traditions include: advent calendars, christmas cards, a christmas tree, roast turkey, christmas pudding, crackers, singing carols, the Queen’s speech, and of course, christmas jumpers!

At Pretty Gifted, we like to be creative with ideas, so we made a ‘how to’ video to show you how to make a Christmas Pinata. Simply fill it with sweets and hang up for the children to hit with a stick in turn. When all the sweets fall out, the children gather them up to take home. Perfect idea for a children’s party, risk assessment may be required! He he

A HUGE thank you to Laura Hawkins from Paper Hawk for designing these beautiful collages for us, with our used giftwrap. We think they’re super, smashing, great!


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