VIDEO: How to make a Christmas piñata

OOh, a Christmas piñata to wow your guests when they arrive! And what’s this? It’s personalised with your address? Why, of course…! As you can probably tell, here are Pretty Gifted we LOVE Christmas, so we thought we’d make you a quick video to show you how to make an easy-peasy piñata with our personalised giftwrap. … Continued

VIDEO: Wrap a ‘tricky-shaped’ object

You’ve bought the perfect present for a special friend or loved one and you’re excited about the big reveal! But wait, oh no, it’s a tricky shaped object, how on earth will you wrap it? You have wrapping paper, but no gift bag or box, and you’re heading out tonight? Fret not… we’ve taken the time … Continued

this video explains a novel way to wrap a bottle, perfect for the run up to christmas

VIDEO: How to gift wrap a bottle (of gin!)

Do you get a bit stuck when you need to gift wrap a bottle? As it’s nearly Christmas, we thought we’d help you to get ahead of the game and provide you with some gift wrapping tips! Here’s a video we’ve made to show you a novel way to wrap a bottle, featuring award-winning Nelson’s … Continued