Chinese New Year Giftwrap

Chinese New Year falls on 25th January this year (2020). It’s the start of a 2 week long celebration. The date changes each year according to the Lunar Calendar.

If you’re one of the 20% of the World’s population who celebrate Chinese New Year, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve been working on some giftwrap inspiration for you.


Within this blog, we’ve made three examples of bespoke giftwrap, all with a red paper, which is considered lucky! It will also ward off evil spirits in Chinese traditions. We chose a gold font for each wrapping paper example. This can of course be changed to Rose Gold, Silver, Rainbow or Aqua.

Red giftwrap with the words CHINESE NEW YEAR in gold font

In the first personalised Chinese New Year wrapping paper (above) we have used ‘ARRO’ font, and an arrow icon. 

You could also use the Chinese greeting of Xin Nian Kuai Le (which means Happy New Year in Chinese) to create a unique wrapping paper. For this example, we used the ‘CANDY’ font, and a balloon, which is masquerading as a Chinese Lantern!

Bespoke giftwrap for Chinese New Year, on red paper with the writing Xin Nain Kuai Le which means Happy New Year in Chinese.

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year is also referred to as the Spring Festival. This important Chinese event celebrates the end of the winter, the start of spring and the best time to plant the crops ready for harvest.

Technically, it’s considered New Year and Birthday celebrations in one! As Chinese people have their usual birthdays, but consider themselves a year older in line with the Chinese New Year.


Red Envelopes:

It’s a tradition to give money as a gift for Chinese New Year, inside a red envelope. These can be bought or handmade for extra personality and to stand out from other gifts.

You can use Pretty Gifted personalised wrapping paper to make your own Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year. Here’s a YouTube video which explains how to make red envelopes very simply:

Important information: The cut-off date for orders to UK addresses (to arrive in time for Chinese New Year) is a week before. Find out more about International Delivery dates, please contact us specifying which country you require delivery to. We can quote a price and estimated delivery date.

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