It’s fun to get creative at Easter! The arrival of Spring and particularly Easter gives us a much needed feel good boost and helps to kick starts our creative side. In fact we really are a nation of crafters so this year we’ve made some creative gift ideas for you to take some inspiration from!

orange personsonalised giftwrap with a special message to look like a carrot

Paper: Fluro / Font: Arro / Foil: Rainbow / Icon: Balloon

Message: Tilly May’s carrots for the Easter Bunny

We made the carrots in the same way that we wrap a rugby ball in our ‘How To’ video. This makes the perfect shape, and then all you need is to make sure the writing is the right way up, and attach the green stalks made with foam board (as we have done here) or some green raffia. To hold the stalks in place, we used sellotape at the back, as it’s not visible and we used an Easter sticker at the front just to hold it firmly in place.

A hand crafted Easter bunny with a personalised box for Joshua's treats

Paper: Peppermint / Font: Monster / Foil: Rose Gold / Icon: Ice Cream

Message: Joshua’s Easter goodies

This is a simple card box with some clever cut outs attached, to make it look like the Easter bunny. The box is wrapped in personalised wrapping paper with a special message for Joshua, and then filled with Easter chocolates – of course! A stick of PVA glue was just the job on this occasion.

Egg boxes with personalised giftwrap messages inside

Paper: Pearlescent / Font: Split / Foil: Aqua / Icon: Star

Message: Some bunny loves you Sarah and Tim.

We love recycling here at Pretty Gifted! It’s a great way to reduce landfill and also the price of the gift! These six chocolate characters sit comfortably inside the box, and you can cut the personalised giftwrap to fit the shape of the box (inside, outside or both). If you want to be even more authentic, add a bit of straw for the characters to sit on!

Gifts wrapped with personalised paper which says He is not here, He is risen.

Paper: Gold / Font: Lulu / Foil: Gold / Icon: Crown

Message: He is not here, he has risen! Luke 24:6

Sometimes, crafts can happen quite by accident. These tulips arrived wrapped up in this cellophane and brown craft paper, which was a perfect accompaniment to the gold font on gold wrapping paper to make a little bag. A simple ribbon tied at the top finishes it off perfectly, before being given as a gift.

Easter cards made with off cuts of personalised wrapping paper

And if you’re wondering what to do with any off-cuts of wrapping paper, you could make some of your own Easter cards, to give with your gifts. Find some colourful blank cards (these were from the Tesco children’s craft aisle) and using your PVA glue stick, attach the words you wish to add to the card, and any embellishments. Or, play scrabble and rearrange the words of your personalised giftwrap to make a whole new word or message.


We hope these creative ideas have provided you with some inspiration for your Easter gift giving. You can also check out our Inspiration page for more ideas, and we’ve written a blog to help you to write your personalised message too, in case you get writer’s block!

Hope you all have a HOPPY Easter!

Love PG x

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