Easter gift ideas (with no chocolate in sight!)

If you’re planning to send Easter gifts this year, but want to avoid chocolate, you’re not alone! We’ve compiled a list of our favourites here; special treasures we’ve found that we think you’ll get egg-cited about…

Plant a Spring Meadow

Seedball have a super idea here, gift the seeds to someone to plant flowers in their garden, something David Attenborough would be very happy to see! This Butterfly Mix is our favourite! Find out more.

A little round tin from a company called Seedmix, with purple sticker and seeds inside to give as an Easter Gift

Bunny Ears

Easter isn’t the same without a bunny, or two! These personalised bunny bags are handy for collecting up toy eggs from the annual garden Easter Hunt! Find out more.

Very cute little Easter bags with ears on, to look like bunny rabbits.One in pink and one blue with names personalised on them. Great as an Easter gift.

Dragon’s Easter Egg

Bath&Soaps have the perfect egg this Easter, not to eat, but to bathe with – aahhh! Pop this Dragon’s Egg into your bath and inhale the sweet and spicy fragrance. Find out more.

A red and black egg shaped bath bomb, which resembles a dragons egg as it is larger than a normal egg.

New Stuff

My Bag Of Stuff know it doesn’t need to be Spring to have a good clear out of the handbag (and get a new one!) although it does provide an excuse! We love these cheeky little totes, which are hand screen printed in the UK. Find out more.

A stall set up, selling nad screen-printed tote bags, all with quirky labels, saying my stuff, mum stuff, teacher stuff etc. A wonderful gift for someone!

Let’s replace the ‘Easter Chick’ with an ‘Easter Toucan’ for 2 seconds…

Small & Wild have a wonderful range of herbal teas designed for children. It may not be an Easter Chick, but the Toucan is pretty close! (Also check out their Snoozy Fox Tea with camomile, Spearmint and Lavender to help the little ones wind down!) Find out more.

Small & Wild is a tea company that makkes herbal teas for children. This box has a Toucan on the front and says Happy Toucan Tea. It has bright and fun packaging.

Easter Weekend Coffee

Blue Coffee Box know their stuff when it comes to coffee and if you’re buying an Easter gift for a coffee lover, then who could resist subscribing them to this little beauty? Find out more.

A blue box with three different types of coffee in white pouches and some greenery and a white brick wall behind. This is the Blue Coffee Box, a new subscription business who sell coffee beans. Makes a great gift idea.

Three Bunnies serving up the cake

Ok, so we specified no chocolate, but we didn’t mention no cake! This adorable cake stand is perfect for any Party Planner or Cake Baker as a gift this Easter. Marquis and Dawe have some super Easter ideas on their site, not to be missed! Find out more.

A cute white cake stand with three white ceramic bunnies underneath holding it up. On tope there is a delicious carrot cake!

And of course, when you’re gifting, it’s a great time to be thinking about personalised giftwrap to make that thoughtful gift even better. We offer so many ways that you can tailor the wrapping paper to match your gift. Visit our ‘MAKE’ page to start designing your bespoke wrap today.

Orange giftwrap with a personalised message saying A is for Amazing Alice

If you enjoy getting ‘crafty’ at Easter time, we have a special blog dedicated to Easter Crafts for some fun ideas and inspiration.

However you spend the Easter holidays, we at Pretty Gifted wish you a long weekend full of recharging your batteries and time well spent with friends and family x

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