Giftwrap for birthday milestones

When someone you love dearly reaches birthday milestones, it’s one of those times that you can surprise them with lots of thoughtful gifts, throw a big party and order a special birthday cake to share with everyone – no matter what age they are.

At Pretty Gifted, we think our wrapping paper is the icing on the cake!

You can make personalised giftwrap for any occasion with our very unique online gadget, which allows you to pick a paper colour, pick a font, pick a font colour, and write your heartfelt or funny message with up to 60 characters.

Maybe your son or daughter is turning into a teenager and you want to add an extra element of sparkle to their gifts…

Or it’s soon time to give the key to the door, at 18 or 21 years of age and you’d like to wrap a family heirloom for them to treasure…

black wrapping paper with words in gold which read OUR DAUGHTER KATY IS 18 TODAY

If you club together for a friends 30th birthday and want to give something to remember, or it’s your husband or wife’s 40th or 50th birthday and they’ve been hinting at a certain gift for months…

Perhaps your Mum or Dad is about to turn 60, 70 or 80 and you want to go the extra mile to show how thoughtful you are…

Or a grandparent turns 80, 90 (or even 100!) years of age, and you’re having a family gathering. Imagine arriving with their name and a little message on the giftwrap to bring a smile to their face before they even open your gift.

Light coloured giftwrap for birthday milestones with blue writing that reads 80 YEARS YOUNG GRANDMA JOAN

Milestone birthdays don’t come around every day. They create memories to treasure with friends and family and opportunities to see people you’ve not caught up with for a while.

So, whilst you’re thinking about the next birthday milestones in your calendar, and considering their gift, here’s our our milestone list with inspiration for birthday gift ideas.

13th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

13th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

70th Birthday Gift Ideas

80th Birthday Gift Ideas

Our personalised giftwrap is also great for anniversary milestones and wrapping wedding gifts too!

Give it a go, make your personalised giftwrap here today.

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  1. Personalised wrapping paper idea is good for every occasion. I really love this. I will customise one wrap for my mother’s birthday. Thank you “Pretty Gifted”.

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