Inspiration: Louise Lewis and her giftwrap workshops

As we’re in the gifting world, we come across some very inspirational people who are great at what they do!

Louise Lewis is one such lady, so we’ve devised a Q&A to find out more about her giftwrapping journey and share information with you about her giftwrap workshops.

Louise Lewis sat at a table wrapping gifts in preparation for her giftwrap workshopsHow did you get into giftwrapping?

After working in the retail sector for 22 years, I decided it was time for a change of direction in my career and wanted to do something more creative and work for myself.

I took myself off to a Jane Means giftwrap workshop and loved every minute of it. After that I started looking into whether there was an opportunity to run workshops locally & ran my first workshops from home in 2015.

At the start of 2016 I needed a larger venue and was fortunate that through a chance encounter I found a perfect venue in the Garden Rooms at Tennants in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. And I continue to run giftwrap workshops there today.

What is the most difficult thing you have wrapped?

It’s got to be a watering can! I used the same principle I use for bottle wrapping; tissue paper and decorative cellophane all held together with beautiful ribbon and decorated with ribbon flowers. You could still pretty much tell what it was!

Louise Lewsi loves showing people how to make pleated designs with giftwrap in her workshopsWhat do you enjoy the most about wrapping gifts?

I love showing people how to use ribbons; the different styles, corner, crossover or just using the ribbons to create flowers as decorations. My favourite technique to teach people is the art of Japanese pleating, it can look really stunning and is easier to create than it looks.

There is one thing that is guaranteed and that is that a gift is always going to be unwrapped. Spending time on the choice of giftwrap, tag and decoration can elevate even the most inexpensive gift to something special.

How many gifts can you wrap in a day?

I am a member of Welcome to Yorkshire and I was asked to wrap 100 gifts for the White Rose Awards held in November 2017. I had to be quite creative as I was wrapping everything from gift vouchers & sweets to jars of chutney, teddy bears & beer! It took 8 hours non-stop to get everything wrapped but was well worth it.

Tell us more about your giftwrapping workshops!

I have a number of giftwrap workshops and demos planned this year, the next one on 19th May 2018! In addition to my Christmas themed workshop on 24th November 2018, I am planning an advanced giftwrapping technique class and I am hoping to introduce basic calligraphy skills too. Although giftwrapping is quite a niche market there is still a lot of interest from people to learn the techniques. I also have a couple of other exciting plans in the pipeline which will be revealed soon.

Find out more about Louise Lewis and her upcoming events on her website.

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