Inspirational ways to make your Valentine’s Day Gift shine!

Are you planning your Valentine’s Day gift and wondering how to go the extra mile to make it really unique? We’ve put together four very personalised ideas to help you say ‘I Love You’ in your very own way…

1. Plain and Simple

If you’re a traditional romantic at heart and want to add a personalised message to your gift, our beautiful foil-printed giftwrap can print up to 60 characters of text. You can make your giftwrap in minutes, choosing the colour of the paper, the font type, the colour of the font and then add a special icon too.

This gift below is wrapped with pearlescent paper, the font is Arro in Rose Gold an the icon is a heart.

Pearl paper with the words 'Especially For You Harry' printed in gold by Pretty Gifted with a heart icon for Valentines Day

2. Adorn the gift with with something meaningful

Does someone own the key to your heart? There are times when you can add that little bit of extra meaning to the gift so why not add a thoughtful (or slightly cryptic) extra prop?

The gift below is wrapped in our ‘rich’ red paper with a silver Arro font and the key icon.

Red giftwrap with the words 'you hold the key to my heart Pippa' printed in gold by Pretty Gifted and with a key hanging from a piece of ribbon to decorate.

3. Choose your words wisely

This stunning example takes the words LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO (by Ellie Goulding) from the film Fifty Shades of Grey. Do you have a special song that means something to you both? A song from when you met, or the first dance from your wedding perhaps? Adding a name can personalise the giftwrap even further.

The gift below has black paper, with a Rose Gold Lulu font and a heart icon. It has been tied with a black organza ribbon for a luxurious touch.

Black giftwrap with the words Love Me Like You Do Rachel printed in gold by Pretty Gifted. A heart icon and some black organza ribbon finish off the gift perfectly.

4. Shower them with gifts!

If you have multiple gifts to wrap (lucky him or her!) then why not coordinate the messages you want to send with different papers, font colours and styles?

You could even go a step further and create a grown up ‘pass the parcel’ effect with one very special gift in the middle and lots of layers with smaller gifts inside the layers.

Five gifts all wrapped up with personalised giftwrap, two are red, one is pearl, one is black and one is gold. The presents are all piled up on a wooden floor.

However you choose to dress up your gifts, we’re here to help.

There’s a lot of inspiration on our site, and other blog posts to give you tips on how to wrap tricky items, such as a bottle, a glass and odd shapes such as rugby balls (possibly not a gift for Valentines, but it works very well for teddies!)

We’ve also put together a guide about British gifts this Valentines Day for you to take a look at.

Or, if you’re popping the BIG question this Valentines Day, take a leaf out of Jonathan’s book and read about his unique proposal with Pretty Gifted wrapping paper playing a key role!

Finally, we’d love to know the story behind your giftwrap this Valentine’s Day. Please get in contact with your photos and details, if you’d like to be featured on our blog.

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