Laura Lucas, will you marry me? A unique proposal!

Here’s a unique proposal that gave us goosebumps! We promised to bring you inspiring stories about how our personalised wrapping paper makes a positive impact and this is one such fairytale we had to share!

Laura and Jonathan posing for the camera with big smiles after they got engaged. Laura wearing engagement ring. What a unique proposal!Laura Lucas, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Manchester got in touch to explain about how her boyfriend Jonathan surprised her with a unique proposal on Christmas Eve 2017 and how our bespoke gift wrap played a part!

Of course, we had to probe and ask all the questions about how Jonathan proposed, so here’s a little Q&A…

Did you know Jonathan was planning this unique proposal or was it a surprise?

A complete surprise! Before Christmas, he had been telling me that my main Christmas gift hadn’t arrived on time and that he was really disappointed. He messaged me one day saying he was on the bus going to collect something (which I thought was strange as we live in the City Centre, so we have pretty much every shop next door to us). It turns out he was actually on the train to Wigan to ask my dad if he could propose!!

Wow, very traditional then! Where did the proposal take place and what was the build up like?

We were heading to my parent’s house on Christmas Eve and he was acting strange. We missed a turn off on our way back to my parents and he was really stressed about it. Then, when we arrived and had unloaded the car, my parents handed us both a drink. He had a pint of beer and drank it like it was a shot! I had only had about 2 sips of my drink and his was empty so I was like ‘omg are you ok?!’ ha ha.

Ha ha, Dutch courage! How did the proposal take place? What’s this about Wifey for lifey?

Unique proposal setting with wifey for lifey lights and candlesHe then came back in with some gifts (that my mum had given him to pretend that he had wrapped) and asked if he could borrow me for a second. My response at the time was ‘this is very suspicious’, and as he took my hand to lead me into the other room.

He was shaking a bit and it started to dawn on me what was happening! He had John Legend playing and the room was lit with so many candles and littered with rose petals, and of course the Wifey for Lifey lights were set up – so cute!!

That must have been really special – what a thoughtful Fiancé! How did Pretty Gifted wrapping paper play a part in the unique proposal?

Pretty Gifted personalised giftwrap with initials on for an engagement idea. Black paper with gold foil print.The following day, (Christmas Day) Jonathan had wrapped all of my presents with your giftwrap! The first set were printed with our initials (JP ❤ LL) the second set had the same but my last initial had changed to his (JP ❤ LP).

It all started when I wrote a blog post about personalised gift wrapping inspiration in November. Jonathan saw the Pretty Gifted wrap then, and knew I loved it and really enjoyed posting about it. I actually used it for his Christmas gifts too.

Looking back, I actually spotted a glimpse of it when we were loading up our car to visit families on Christmas Eve, but I didn’t catch on that he had two sets of paper.

So, what’s next? Straight into wedding-planning mode?

Laura Lucas, Fashuion and lifestyle blogger wears her new engagement ringI am just enjoying being engaged at the moment to be honest! We’re not in a huge rush, just very happy to be engaged. I still actually want to have an engagement party in February as we haven’t celebrated with all of our friends and family yet, then we will probably start thinking about venues and the main details later on this year!

I will definitely be blogging about this, I have been looking at other blogs for tips and ideas so anything I find helpful or any advice I can share I will be posting about 😊

We really loved hearing all the details about such a really special occasion for Laura and Jonathan and wish them all the happiness in the world! You can read Laura’s blog here to keep up to speed with her wedding planning activities. If you know of any other romantic stories, unique proposals or inspiration please contact us with the details.




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