Personal Gifts – why are they so important?

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be feeling the pressure to find the perfect personal gifts, or two or twenty? If you’re stuck on a really special gift for a great friend or a loved one, the present you select can say a lot about how you feel about the receiver and any desire to continue the relationship.
But there’s actually heaps more to gift-giving than we all realise.
Deep down, underneath all the commercial glitter and excitement, Psychologists acknowledge that there’s more going on inside our minds when we give someone a gift. There are social, psychological and emotional elements that are involved too.
Take a look at these lists, sent to us by the lovely people at Activity Superstore:
Lists of reasons to explain why we give gifts
So, with that in mind, they created this wonderful ‘Modern Gift Matrix.’ It breaks down how to find the perfect personal gifts. It focuses on the ‘usefulness’ of the gift to the receiver, and the ‘element of surprise’ too! Whilst something can be practical, like gift vouchers or socks, there’s no element of surprise. Whilst something may be a wonderful surprise to open, such as the hoover, it’s most likely to be inappropriate for a gift, and probably causes more grief to the gift-giver than they anticipated!! he he
There’s also the saying ‘It’s the thought that counts.” Whilst that is very true, the gift can sometimes be reluctantly put into the back of a drawer, given to a charity shop or, dare we say it… regifted!
finding the perfect gift, a matrix of how to decide what to buy for whom
The holy grail of gifting comes when there has been some serious consideration to the recipient. Adding in an element of surprise, knowing that the gift will also be useful works well. Easier said than done, we know. We have the same problem when it comes to our own gift giving.
So, let’s take a look back at some of history’s best personal gifts as well as explain some of today’s most common gifts to help you get it right.
Best Gifts in History
Since the beginning of time, humans have given gifts as a way to strengthen social connections and build alliances. From the Native Americans to Ancient Egyptians, gift giving has played a special role in cultures across the world.
We especially like the 189 carat Orlov diamond, given to Russian Empress Catherine the Great by her lover Count Grigory Orlov. I mean, who wouldn’t!?
An infographic that showcases the historial dates of gift giving such as the hanging gardens of babylon
Personal Gifts
While you might not be able to afford a diamond-encrusted Faberge egg or two pandas, there are plenty of ways to make Christmas morning a special occasion. Personalised gifts are a great option. They show that you’ve put thought into the gift and want the receiver to have something truly unique.
Take a look at some other hacks for finding unique personal gifts, whoever your recipients may be…
an infographic explaining 3 ways to find the right personalised gift
Read more about the history and psychology of gift giving at Activity Superstore. Happy gift giving!

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