Pimp your wedding giftwrap with personalised paper!

As a beautiful wedding invitation arrives on your doormat, personalised wedding giftwrap is the last thing on your mind (it’s ok, it’s the same for us too!)

In that moment, you’re excited about the ‘big day’ and instead you focus on what you’ll wear, transport arrangements, and arranging time off work if needed. But as the date creeps closer, you’ll start to wonder about the gift, whether you send money towards a honeymoon, choose something from a wedding gift list, or decide to go ‘off piste’ and find a meaningful present that will make them both smile – something they’ll keep and remind them of you.

In all instances, we can help you to make this more personal for the happy couple.

little envelopes, perfect for a wedding money giftIf you’re sending money towards their honeymoon:

We love these cute little envelopes, which can be made in any size.

Once you have personalised your Pretty Gifted wrapping paper online, take a look at these 8 options on how to make an origami envelope.

If you’re choosing a gift from their gift list:

You probably have 2 options, to have the gift sent directly to the couple’s home after the wedding, or you can take delivery, wrap at home and take with you to the wedding.

If you chose the latter, be organised and order your personalised wedding giftwrap at the same time so they’ll be delivered simultaneously.

Imagine arriving at the wedding with your gift beautifully wrapped with their names and the wedding date, you’ll feel pretty smug that you went the extra mile. Let us help you avoid Writer’s Block with some ideas.

Here’s a video we made to help you to wrap your gift easily:

If you’re buying a meaningful gift for the couple:

We have a saying here at Pretty Gifted: “Make what’s on the outside as individual as what’s on the inside”

wedding giftwrap in orange and black with a personalised messageYou can do just that. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort deciding what to give to the happy couple, and you can finish your gift off perfectly with bespoke wrapping paper.

We want you to feel as excited about gift giving as we do, and ultimately if the happy couple say WOW as they receive your gift, then we’ve both done our jobs right!

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