Thank You Teacher Giftwrap

After lockdown home-schooling, there’s a new appreciation for Teachers!

So you may be considering a gift to say ‘Thank You’ to a special Teacher, or perhaps you’re clubbing together with other parents to show your appreciation.
Peppermint coloured giftwrap with the personalised message Thank You Mrs Grant to the Teacher.

Here at Pretty Gifted, we think it’s really important to make the gift personal to the Teacher, find out what they really like (for example don’t buy wine for a Teacher who doesn’t drink alcohol or make cupcakes for a Teacher who is intolerant to wheat.) So it’s important to do a little investigating first.

Above all, we know that Teachers really like handmade cards with personal thank you notes inside, especially to say why they think the Teacher did such a fab job this year, maybe it was the extra support to help them focus on a Maths Exam, or a fun school trip they arranged?

Black giftwrap with the words Thank You Mr Harris aimed at parents giving to Teachers

So, we’d really love to help you make what’s on the outside as individual as what’s on the inside for your little one’s Teachers this year. Here’s our plan of action:


You will need to purchase:

  • A few pens
  • Some ‘Well Done’ stickers
  • Funky ‘Post It’ notes.
  • A notepad
  • A plain giftcard and envelope
  • PVA glue (you may have some of this at home already)
  • A sheet of personalised giftwrap with their name on – you can make that here


  1. Wrap all the top 3 items, either together or separately.
  2. Use the wrapping paper to cover the front and back of the notepad.
  3. Take the plain card and use some leftover giftwrap to spell out the same message on the front of the card, exactly like we did at Easter (check out our Creative Easter blog, there are cards at the bottom).
  4. Use the PVA glue to stick the words to the front of the card and write a personalised message inside.

There you have it, a thoughtful gift that has a personal touch, with matching card and wrap, and it hasn’t cost the earth. Here’s a photo by Lyd from her blog: What Lyd Did to show you how a wrapped notebook can make a really fabulous gift!

A notebook covered in PRetty Gifted paper, a great idea for a Thank You Teacher gift

If you did want to spend a little more, our friends at My Bags Of Stuff have a fabulous ‘Teacher Stuff’ tote bag, which can be folded and wrapped in with the gifts, or it can hold all the other gifts and Thank You card when your little one presents it to the Teacher.

Order personalised giftwrap here

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