VIDEO: Wrap a ‘tricky-shaped’ object

You’ve bought the perfect present for a special friend or loved one and you’re excited about the big reveal!

But wait, oh no, it’s a tricky shaped object, how on earth will you wrap it? You have wrapping paper, but no gift bag or box, and you’re heading out tonight?

Fret not… we’ve taken the time to help you out with this ‘how to’ video which shows how to wrap a glass.

We run through how to fold it in the right position, that there may be sections of paper to ‘snip off’ to make the paper less bulky, and where to place the sticky dots, or sellotape.

(You:1  Tricky shaped Object: Nil)

If you’re wondering how to wrap a bottle to accompany this tricky shaped object, we have a video for that too!

For this video, we chose peppermint paper, monster font, rose gold foil and we wrote ‘Together Rosie we are……. Ginvincible!!’ We chose small font and a cocktail glass icon. Find inspiration for your own personalised wrapping paper.

At Pretty Gifted, we let YOU craft your very own personalised wrapping paper. It is so easy to get started: just choose from our collection of beautifully coloured papers,* then take your pick from one of our five fonts (in 3 sizes to fit any design), choose your favourite metallic foil, construct your extra special message with up to 60 letters and add extra pizzazz with an icon. And that’s it. Just sit back and prepare to be dazzled….

We’ll print your paper in Cheshire, then hand roll it and place into a special triangular box, and it should be with you within 3 days!

As always, if you have any questions about this gift wrapping technique or any other queries about gift wrapping in general, please contact us.

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