How do I wrap a tennis racket?

There are easier gifts to wrap than a tennis racket right? Well yes and no.

We set ourselves the challenge to wrap a tennis racket in a creative way, and we think it’s turned out pretty neat actually!

The first thing to point out is that a regular adult’s tennis racket will need two sheets of Pretty Gifted wrap, as the length and width are just too big for one sheet of wrapping paper.

We chose two designs for the messages on the wrapping paper, you could have them both the same if you wish. The first was a good old Wimbledon saying from player John McEnroe “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS” and the #Wimbledon2018 hashtag at the end. Perfect for any tennis enthusiast!

The official Wimbledon colours are green and purple, so we chose Peppermint for the paper and Rainbow for the font colour, as that is pretty close when the rainbow looks purple (see towards the bottom of this photo how it shimmers!)

Giftwrap with the words you cannot be serious, perfect for tennis lovers

The next message was MEET ME ON HENMAN HILL with the #Wimbledon2018 hashtag. We chose the Gold wrapping paper this time and Aqua font colour, so it complemented the other sheet of wrap.

As tennis is a summer game, we added an ice cream icon. Not quite strawberries and cream, but it’s pretty close 🙂

Gold giftwrap with the words meet me on henman hill, perfect for wrapping a tennis racket

So, for this project, you will need some scissors and sticky tape. We tried out the Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser so there was one less thing to get tangled up with.


Step One: Position the racket diagonally on the first sheet of giftwrap, and wrap the paper around the racket, taping it together all around the racket, so one side is perfectly wrapped. Don’t worry about the other side yet, that will be covered shortly. Trim off any excess, which can be recycled.

Step Two (see pic): Turn the racket over and place onto the other sheet of wrap draw around the racket and add some triangle shapes, strategically placed around the design. Cut away the paper, so you have the racket shape and some triangles, which looks a bit like a spiky shark right now.

Half way through showing how to wrap a tennis racket

Step Three: Tape the triangles into place, so they hold the second sheet of wrap nice and snug around the first sheet. We used two small bits of sticky tape for each triangle and that held it all together.

So there we have it, a tricky item wrapped in quite a simple way.

Here are our photos of the finished product, with a grass background of course!

The finished product, here's our tennis racket all wrapped up

As usual, Barney the Beagle likes to get in on the action, and he says he’d love to meet you on Henman Hill. 

Tennis racket wrapped up in Pretty Gifted paper

If you’d like help wrapping any other tricky objects, such as a glass or a rugby ball, we have some You Tube videos for you to watch, feel free to subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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