Help me write my personalised message!

Deciding to make your own personalised giftwrap for a special occasion is the easy bit. When you come to the part where you write your personalised message, writer’s block sets in and you’re lost for words.

‘Happy Birthday’ is all too predictable and far from being personal so let’s look at some real examples from customers via social media recently that have helped make their special occasions all the more extraordinary.


Of course the presents will be unwrapped quicker than you can say Jack Robinson but who cares when you’ve won the unofficial award for the best presented gift and are the envy of others with your personalised creation.

What’s more your prezzie is guaranteed to be recognised through all the madness and mayhem, even when the gift tag or card becomes detached from the present!

In these examples below, the name of the child has been written along with age, birth date and even the time of birth – wow, that’s personalised!

Two examples of personalised giftwrap for children's birthday presents

  • Left: Silver paper, candy font in gold & heart icon.
  • Right: Peppermint paper, monster font in aqua & lightning bolt icon.

If you’re taking a gift to a friend or relative on a birthday or anniversary, it’s easy to add your personalised message to the wrapping paper, like these examples. A simple: ‘Happy birthday Sarah! Love from Vic’ or a ‘Grandpa John & Nanny Betty’ will truly make your gift stand out and show that you’ve gone that extra gifting mile.

Two examples of personalised giftwrap for friend's birthday presents

  • Left: Black paper, Candy font in gold & an ice-cream icon.
  • Right: Silver paper, Lulu font in rainbow and no icon.

When you just can’t find the right words to say, let Bryan Adams, or J.K. Rowling say it for you instead. Find a favourite song, or a quote from a book, and use that to convey your message, in a secret code.

In this case, the lyrics to the first dance at their wedding were used as giftwrap for a Valentines present, and the ‘Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure’ quote is for a Harry Potter fan, it’s the philosophy of Rowena Ravenclaw, in case you didn’t know!! (We had to Google that one!)

Two examples of personalised wrapping paper for meaningful gifts

  • Left: Silver paper, arrow font in aqua with a heart icon.
  • Right: Pearl paper, monster font in aqua with a lightning icon (perfect for Harry Potter fans!)

Other examples of personalised giftwrap that we’ve printed includes a unique wedding proposal, messages written in other languages and abbreviations such as LYTHMAB (Love You To The Moon And Back) – a good tip actually as this means you can fit in more personalised names and dates onto the paper!

If you’ve not had a play with our clever online tool to make your personalised wrap, you’re in for a treat, have a go and make your own giftwrap here. Simply pick your paper, font and foil and write your personalised message – it’s that easy to make someone’s special occasion even more extraordinary.

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